Aliases. Triumvirate, Illuminati


As the old saying goes, there are “things man was not meant to know.”

Trinity, also known as the Triumvirate or more commonly, the Illuminati, is a global conspiracy dedicated to the protection of humanity from the depredations of the supernatural. It has manipulated the development on mankind for centuries, steering the world’s progress to their own ends. Their influence extends throughout global politics, financial markets, media, scientific organisations and religious groups with the sole purpose of reinforcing their ‘Truth’ of reality.

They perpetuate this fiction not because they’re cruel or because they’re an enemy of the truth, but because those ‘things’ could hurt all society. It is safer, simpler, and far better that the masses believe Trinity’s Truth, rather than the horrible truth that lurks outside the perceptions of mundane society.

To ensure that it remains this way, Trinity hunt down things that shouldn’t be, erase ‘reality violations’, and educate those too stubborn or foolish to accept the Truth. They believe that they’re doing it for the good of all and that everyone has potential and is worth saving – even if they don’t know it yet. The religious Crusaders and Salem Witch Trials are just two examples of historical events orchestrated by Trinity with the goal of eliminating rogue ‘reality deviants’.

Those that work for Trinity are rarely aware that they work for a great global conspiracy; most simply do jobs of some importance in business or government, reporting their findings to committees, sharing their interests with higher-ranking co-workers and advancing the causes of order and stability. Few ever discover the subtle connections between government branches, academic circles and global politics.

However, for the Enlightened members of Trinity, things are much different. Acting in cells throughout sleeper society, these individuals seek to use their skills in ‘Enlightened Science’ to further Trinity’s goals. A secondary task is the silent enforcement of the assimilation of reality and the destruction of threatening Reality Deviants. To this end, Trinity agents are authorized to access all resources available to them to achieve their task.


Faces. Arthur ‘King’ Williams, Duncan ‘Knight’ Jacobson, Izumi ‘Rook’ Asari, Liam ‘Bishop’ Leichhardt, Moira ‘Queen’ Meaux

A Division cell based in Seattle, Checkmate has positioned itself as a government advisory agency with unlimited access to resources and personnel as they require it. Established after the Seattle Mardi Gras Riots in which several Homo Nocturna attacked sleeper crowds, it has since spread its influence throughout the city’s socio-political structure.


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