Ashleigh Strauss

Perky Occult Journalist



Perky Journalist; Occult Mysteries Intrigues Me; Sensational Conversationalist


Ashleigh is a 25-year-old author, columnist, news editor, and journalist. She dresses impeccably at all occasions, and her passionate personality tends to put her in spotlights. She tends to stand out from a crowd thanks to her natural ability to create attention.


Ashleigh is in charge when she speaks, a quick-witted thinker with a brave heart. She can be appropriately flashy when needed, outgoing and laughs often when in a good mood, well-mannered and polite when feeling uncomfortable. She doesn’t linger in the same spot when she doesn’t feel right, and she looks out for her friends.


Mysteries intrigues Ashleigh, but mostly she wants to know how the unknown affects society on a grander scale. She is able to shift her priorities based on current issues, and act on her best capacity to do what’s best for Seattle.



  • Girlfriend of two years with Nate Earley.
Roleplaying Notes

Ashleigh loves puns as much as Nate does, especially lyric references.


Ashleigh Strauss

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