Chris 'Dionysus' O’Dowd

Reckless Ex-IRA Syndicate Leader


Aliases Donny

Refresh 1 (3 +2 Advancements +0 Bonus -3 Stunts -1 Condition)


Unpredictable Ex-IRA Hedonist; Dangerously Reckless; School of Hard Knocks; Drinking with Wolves; You Only Live Once

Approaches (14)
Flair +4 Guile +3
Focus +0 Haste +1
Force +4 Intellect +2
Core Stunts
  • Evocation. In game terms, you may perform any of the four basic actions with spectacular magical effects such as defending with a shield of ice or creating an advantage by shifting earth beneath the opponent’s feet. Your actions may have scale (page 182) at the GM’s discretion. If desired, push yourself to increase the spell’s effect. These benefits are cumulative: if you mark two stress boxes and both conditions, you could do a single magical action at +8, and then have +2 to all magical actions for the rest of the scene.
    • Check a stress box for +1 or two boxes for +2 on any one magical action. You may check only two boxes at a time.
    • Mark Exhausted to add +4 to any single magical action or to attack multiple targets magically without dividing your roll (page 190).
    • Mark Burned Out to gain +2 to all magical actions for the rest of the scene or, if Exhausted is already checked, to attack multiple targets with magic without having to divide your roll.
  • Thaumaturgy. You excel at ritual magic (page 168). Add +2 to the preparation roll for any ritual.
  • Soulgaze. When looking someone directly in the eye for more than a few seconds, you peer into their soul and they likewise see into yours. The exchange manifests itself as a cryptic vision. Make an Intellect roll, opposed by their Intellect roll; the winner learns one concrete, useful piece of information about the other individual, or two things if they succeed with style. On a tie, each person learns something. These things can be advantages with a free invoke at the GM’s discretion.
Additional Stunts (1+3)
  • Criminal Favours. Acquisition of criminal assistance via marking Heat. One box provides a minor NPC under GM control with +2 in a needed illegal skillset. Two boxes provide two minor NPCs or a significant piece of illegal gear: a stolen car, guns, or drugs. Three boxes grant access to a secure or restricted area but offer no additional benefits once there.
  • Rep. People know your face and/or name and may even fear you, which can be used advantageously. For every box of Heat you are willing to check, take +2 to intimidate or coerce a non-criminal NPC into cooperating. The NPC will not, however, remain quiet about the coercion.
  • Self-Immolation. At your discretion, you may mark the In Peril condition to use the effect for which you would normally mark Exhausted.
  • Too Drunk To Notice. Once per session, you may treat a sticky condition reflecting physical injury as if it were fleeting.


Purviews. XXX


Note: These are in addition to the standard ‘In Peril’, ‘Doomed’ and ‘Indebted’ Conditions, and the Spellcaster conditions ‘Exhausted’, ‘Burned Out’ and ‘The Third Eye’.

Heat (Sticky)

Mark one of Heat’s five boxes when the attention of law enforcement is attracted, as indicated by your stunts. At the beginning of any scene in which you have Heat and are in a sufficiently public place, you must make an overcome roll to avoid drawing further attention. The GM opposes that roll with +1 for each box of Heat checked. On a fail with 1-2 boxes checked, you are detained for questioning; if 3-5 boxes are checked, law enforcement immediately attempts to arrest you. Clear one box of Heat between sessions; clear all if you are arrested.

Aspect Descriptions

Ex-Military Bar Owner

Immortal Harbinger of Fate
Chris is, for lack of a better world, immortal. Due to the deal he struck with the Three Fates, until he meets his predestined Fate, he will heal from any injury, and even return to life if killed. However, when he does die, he experiences flashes of the underworld, and looses several hours of memories leading up to the event that lead to his death.

Checkered Past, Uncertain Future
IRA/Organized Crime and Supernatural Influences

School of Hard Knocks

Drinking with Wolves

Stability is Key



  • XXX

Season 1

You owe the Barsetti Crime Family in a big way. Why can’t you get out from under this debt or obligation?

After EVENT, you and Abigail ‘Tracer’ Thomson were on the run, and you’re the reason both of you escape. How have they repaid you? Do you think that’s enough?

Something assaulted you – physically or otherwise – at Raven Rock, and you nearly died. What’s the single thing you remember about it? Did it leave any scars?

Season 2

At EVENT, INDIVIDUAL tried to call in a marker you owe them, but you had to refuse. What did they want? Why did you refuse, and how did they react?

Chris 'Dionysus' O’Dowd

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