James 'Tartarus' Ellenberg

Friendly Neighbourhood Necromancer


Aliases Damon Francis Windsor

Refresh 2 (3 Base +1 Experience +0 Bonus -2 Stunts)


Eccentric Trinket-Maker (Mundane)
Friendly Neighbourhood Necromancer (Supernatural)
The Dead Drag the Living Down (Trouble)
Scholar of the Otherworldly (Background)
The Drowned Man (Defining Incident)
You Can’t Take it With You (Belief)

Skills (24)
+4 Knowledge Contacts
+3 Investigate Resolve
+2 Insight Notice Combat
+1 Deceive Drive Athletics Physique
Stunts (3 Stunts +2 Refresh)
  • Fetishist. Refinement. Tartarus is adept at creating trinkets and fetishes and gains a +1 bonus to enchanted item Frequency and Strength for any enchanted item he creates.
  • Friend of the People. Because he is a pillar of the community, Tartarus may use Contacts in place of Rapport when speaking to members of the community that know of his reputation.
  • Indomitable. Since awakening, Tartarus has found himself less likely to be swayed by honeyed words or insults and gains a +2 bonus to Resolve checks against attempts to alter his mood.
  • Knowledge is Power. You’ve read hundreds—if not thousands—of books on a wide variety of topics. You can spend a fate point to use Knowledge in place of any other skill for one roll or exchange, provided you can justify having read about the action you’re attempting.
  • Refinement. Gain +4 Refinement slots.
Praxes (10)

Lesser Praxes. Control +3; Protect +3; Reveal +2
Greater Praxes. Create +1; Destroy +0; Transform +1

For Tartarus, his magic has always been rooted in working with the elements of his Awakening- Transformation and Interstice, in terms of Death, Water, The in-between realm of Twilight. Despite his personal familiarity with it, Death continues to be a mystery to Damon. He feels it is good and proper to maintain a distance between himself and the Truth of whatever lies beyond the veil. His work is rooted in the Material, in the now, and in the acknowledgement that all that is must pass. Water goes briny, the smells of cool sand, ozone tang and granite. Alternately vertigo and drowsy comfort. In resonance, his magic has a sensation similar to liquid pitch. Black and coolly solid. Glassy to the touch, seemingly still and yet gently flowing.

In his evocations, he prefers vocal imprecations, cantatas growing out of factual assertions based in his immovable will.
“I who stand in the centre of myself am the one master of my mind and will, and where my gaze goes so to does the world bend to accommodate my vision. As it is so it has been and shall be.”
Where stealth is required he prefers small bundles and ofrendas to what spirits might be appealed to, or subvocalizations where attracting the attention of the dead is not to be desired. In more permanent works, wards, bindings or traps he prefers chalk, poured salt and sand or small talismans to anchor his vision to the world, when he turns his gaze elsewhere.

Common ingredients are Rue. Briar. Rum. Tobacco. Ashes. Mineral sands. Bullrush. Twine. Salt. Switches of willow.

He always carries a small craft knife, small and kept exceedingly sharply honed. Unsuitable for stabbing, but very good for peeling bark, or skin, or trimming small branches.

Additionally, his beloved cane is never out of reach. Made of black snakewood, tipped in a detachable pressed and etched lead plumb-bob, hanging from an internally anchored hemp rope. Unvarnished, but kept carefully oiled, and tipped in a silver quincunx stamp that can also hold a finger of chalk for the drawing of ritual circles and veves with mathematic precision


Death (Ghosts/Undead, Twilight, Entropy, Fear), Water, Change/Transition, Astral Projection, Psychometrics

Refinements (4)
  • Dairya’s Cackling Skull (2). Enchanted Item. The small skull motif lapel provides Tartarus with a constant ward effect alerting him of people attempting to scry him at a Good (+3) rank. When it senses someone the pin lets out an otherworldly cackle and glows with a faint blue aura.
  • Ebony Cane (2). Focus. A black steel cane with an ivory grip, this intricate focus grants a +1 bonus to the Protect praxis when creating wards.
  • Smoky Glasses (2). Focus. A pair of pince nez glasses with smoked quartz lenses that allow the user to perceive the hidden world. Grants a +1 bonus to the Reveal praxis when viewing wards and auras. Nontuple-hardened glass, sun-stained rosegold, the tint of the deeper inks in. What savage script could be so dangerous as to require this kind of protection?
  • Bad Mojo (2). Expendable (x2). Expired hex bags, filled with negative energies. The energy in these bags can be released either as a Great (+4) attack on a single target or dispersed over an area (as per Evocation spell factors). Rust and rags. Sour milk, in bags. In time all foul things come forth, but sometimes you need it a little sooner than it planned…
Ghostly Commandment
Complexity Control +3, Casting Rapport vs. Resolve, Primary Factor Duration, Instant Cast (+1X)

The mage may gives a ghost a single, one-word command to follow, which it is compelled to complete for as long as the spell persists.

Complexity XXX +X, Casting XXX vs. XXX, Additional Info


Aspect Descriptions

Eccentric Trinket-Maker
“Churchill said once that ‘All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.’

He was a fuckbag, but it is still true. The people of this town can think what they like. I’m a kook, I’m a huckster, I’m the real deal or that I’m a mark.
Doesn’t matter.

My shop will always be a place people can go, for what they need. My door will never be closed to the right folk of Seattle. Especially those that don’t know they need it."

Friendly Neighbourhood Necromancer
“Yeah I do conjure for little old ladies, and yeah I take their payment. I need them to think this is a shop, same as they need me to let them say their goodbyes. Fact of the matter is I don’t rightly see why it’s just the ‘bads’ are the only people who get to take full-advantage of what they have. If my neighbour was a necromancer when I was a kid I wouldn’t miss my pets so much. Life is hard. Death sucks. I don’t want to diminish the last Mystery, but people are allowed their comfort, on both sides of the veil.”

The Dead Drag the Living Down
“After they see my work a couple of times, some people get nervous- or angry. Think I’m being irresponsible, that I don’t know what I’m doing. Maybe that’s true, I certainly don’t know more about death than most people. But you won’t find someone more careful around the Dead than me. I part-way understand them, I feel for them. One day, I’ll join them.
Despite that, I’m not interested in raising things up and setting them free. Nothing good comes from that. A haunting is a terrible thing, even if it’s simple to exercise. Living in one is like the world’s gone wrong, broken at the bottom and all the color’s bleeding out.
Every single person deserves to be free of that, and every single soul deserves to be moved on. There’s no cheating death. It takes it’s piece, finally. No one gets out free. "

Scholar of the Otherworldly
It’s certainly true that noone can know all things. But a sharp mind, correctly applied, with the right tools can move the world.
It’s not a matter of knowing all things, so much as knowing ONE thing well enough to always ask the right questions. Make the right connections. Know how to test your thoughts, and know how to test the world.

“To know One thing, is to know Ten Thousand Things.”

The Drowned Man
“I was taught never to talk about myself too much. It’s boastful.

My family? Naw, they’re all gone now.
I’m all I have now.

Can I top your glass off?"

You Can’t Take it With You
“You seen these kids, with tattoos all over their body nowadays? Skulls, and graves and such.

It’s good stuff. Memento mori, yeah?

Not the movie, fuck. Forget it.
Anyway. Eat drink and be merry. I gotchu.
Another platter of ribs? My shout."




Whenever someone mentions Luisa Azzara, you and Abigail ‘Hecate’ Thomson get quiet. What happened that you two don’t want others to know about? Why do you keep it secret?
“Listen, I don’t know you from Adam. What I do know is dead things. I’m not going to ask you how you got that bite, because I already know.
This. won’t. stop. They take, and they take. And the Azzara are some of the worst. They like to keep it in the family, they’re jealous, vicious and possessive.
And they won’t tolerate distractions.
Please, please do yourself a favor, and walk away. Get clean and get right.

Anyway, this time is on the house. Next time, you might not make it to my doorstep."

Why do you feel responsible for Anni ‘Adrasteia’ Kristensen? Why can’t you escape from this responsibility?
“It’s a shame Beaumont is gone. He was a good friend, a real mover and shaker.
And after all that’s happened since he left, I’d spit on his grave.
I tell you, this City’s falling to pieces. Last night, one of the new folk came around, asking some really smart questions, wearing gloves, a mask, full kit. Wanted excerpts of the Qanon Sutra. Not a time waster. Not a kid.
We’re talking terms, and she goes to shake my hand.
As cool as you like, standing there, in my store, taking my goods and my well wishes, and with coin already in hand.
I can’t believe it. Mistakes like that get people killed, especially in times of turmoil.
For all his power, for all his secrets, Beaumont was a damn fool, and a shitty mage.
I’ll be damned if I’ll see her pay for his sins.”

You and Felix ‘Helios’ Goodfellow teamed up to track down The Broker. What mental or social talents did you each show that impressed the other?
“I’m glad Helios trusts me to keep my head straight, because I tell you what, I never want to be on the wrong end of his questions. Fucker’s sharp.”

James 'Tartarus' Ellenberg

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