Elaine 'Artemis' Blackwood

Spirit-Channelling Veterinarian


Aliases Tala

Refresh 5 (3 +2 Advancements +1 Bonus -0 Stunts -1 Condition)


Optimistic Shape-Shifting Veterinarian; Socially Awkward Bookworm; The Girl Next Door; Tala the Silent Guardian; Knowledge Is the Great Equaliser

Approaches (14)
Flair +0 Guile +3
Focus +4 Haste +2
Force +1 Intellect +4
Core Stunts
  • Evocation. In game terms, you may perform any of the four basic actions with spectacular magical effects such as defending with a shield of ice or creating an advantage by shifting earth beneath the opponent’s feet. Your actions may have scale (page 182) at the GM’s discretion. If desired, push yourself to increase the spell’s effect. These benefits are cumulative: if you mark two stress boxes and both conditions, you could do a single magical action at +8, and then have +2 to all magical actions for the rest of the scene.
    • Check a stress box for +1 or two boxes for +2 on any one magical action. You may check only two boxes at a time.
    • Mark Exhausted to add +4 to any single magical action or to attack multiple targets magically without dividing your roll (page 190).
    • Mark Burned Out to gain +2 to all magical actions for the rest of the scene or, if Exhausted is already checked, to attack multiple targets with magic without having to divide your roll.
  • Thaumaturgy. You excel at ritual magic (page 168). Add +2 to the preparation roll for any ritual.
  • Soulgaze. When looking someone directly in the eye for more than a few seconds, you peer into their soul and they likewise see into yours. The exchange manifests itself as a cryptic vision. Make an Intellect roll, opposed by their Intellect roll; the winner learns one concrete, useful piece of information about the other individual, or two things if they succeed with style. On a tie, each person learns something. These things can be advantages with a free invoke at the GM’s discretion.
Additional Stunts (1)
  • Shifting Adept. When you transform into your animal form, your clothes and anything else on your person likewise transform and return undamaged when you shift back. Anything stored in this way is perfectly concealed and can be affected only from within the Nevernever.

Following a form of Native American shamanism, Elaine is capable of communicating with, and channelling, spirits to achieve various effects. Her magic is a mix of old Native American lore and modern science, mixing the supernatural properties of various salves and concoctions with modern medicine. She usually carries around a simple leather rucksack filled with components she uses for her spells.

In addition, she is able to perceive ‘echoes’ left from the passage of humans, animals, and spirits – the stronger the emotional resonance, the easier it is for her to see them. These visions sometimes come on involuntarily, particularly if the ‘spirit’ of the area is trying to communicate something. This ability also extends to a limited form of foresight, although such visions are usually disjointed and confusing images and sensations.


Note: These are in addition to the standard ‘In Peril’, ‘Doomed’ and ‘Indebted’ Conditions, and the Spellcaster conditions ‘Exhausted’, ‘Burned Out’ and ‘The Third Eye’.

Physical Transformation (Lasting)

Mark this condition when changing into your animal form. Clothing and belongings on your person do not change with you. While this condition is checked, the following apply:

  • Take the Form of the Wolf aspect in addition to your other aspects.
  • Swap the ratings of Focus and Intellect with those of Force and Haste, respectively, for as long as you’re transformed.
  • Gain all the inherent abilities of that animal, which may confer automatic success on certain rolls. However, you also gain all their inherent limitations, such as not being able to speak or lacking opposable thumbs.
  • You also benefit from scale (page 182) when using your animal form to exceed human capabilities: keen predatory senses, inordinate strength or speed, overly large or small form that provides access to something inaccessible to normal mortals. Any opposition you face, however, will have a level of scale against you whenever you are at a significant disadvantage compared to human beings.

Recovery of this condition begins when you retake human form; full recovery requires concrete efforts to recharge from the experience, such as enjoying a hearty meal or uninterrupted rest. The GM may allow this recovery to occur between any two scenes involving a sufficient time jump.


Elaine 'Artemis' Blackwood

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