[Event] Over the ages people have been obsessed with the notion of summoning powerful entities to their aide. Countless publications, transcripts, journals, and trials were conducted to bind that power—whatever it may bring for a small chance of total victory.
[Event] The native Americans residing in (soon to be) Seattle begin trade relations with the Europeans, providing them knowledge and secrets with the spirits of the land. In exchange, the Europeans provided an (relatively minor) infestation of werewolves and supernatural contagions.
[Event] The Native werewolf tribes push back against the European werewolves by calling upon an ancient Entity not seen for a millennia.

Early Settlement
Settlers show up and start causing trouble.
[Event] The Lodge of Raven is created by indigenous spellcasters to preserve their supernatural traditions in the face of European colonization.
[Event] The new settlers, in an attempt to create a new utopia, strip the existing environment and landscape for raw materials; causing tension between the Lodge of Raven and the new Americans.
[Scene] How is the tension between the Lodge of Raven and the new Americans resolved? After wanting to build a railway through their lands, they hit a cave which held a monster. The Ravens, not wanting it to go rampant, banded together to work together, resolving some of the tension between the two.
[Event] 1888 Rainier Club is founded after interactions between settlers and the Lodge of the Raven. The club studies the occult practices of the Lodge, and other supernatural occurrences in the area in order to benefit its members.
[Event] A Rail Baron uses his wealth and influence to build occult infrastructure into the foundations of Seattle in order to summon and bind a powerful Entity.
Conspiracies and the World Wars
Numerous rumors and conspiracies stem from all facets of society and government; most notably involving the Rainier Club and their international relations.
[Event] 1916 All founding members of the Rainier Club vanish without a trace.
[Event] Associates of the Lodge of Raven buy into the early aviation industry, using their supernatural knowledge of wind and flight to gain an advantage.
[Event] The influx of motor engines created a new age of transport. The government, in the name of building a better economy, pushed horse breeders out of work. Private petitions turned public, and in turn assassins were hired.
[Event] The Keepers sends a representative to Seattle following word of unsettling events.

Desperate Times
People, including members of Rainier Club often make deals that would make or break their fortune.
[Event] A major deal to be made in the Rainier Club went smoothly until a hitch in a plan occurs, majorly ruining both parties in their own ways.
[Event] In a gamble to turn the aviation industry into a monopoly, the Lodge of Raven begins using their magic on crippling the competition.
[Scene] How did the competition react to this? Out of desperation, a rival sect within the Lodge attempted to draw the Leviathan from the depths in hopes it would ruin their rivals.
[Event] In the economic chaos of the trade conflict, Jade vampire-run triad gangs from China establish themselves in Seattle’s underworld.
[Event] In an extremely odd turn of events with little to no rationale and explanation, the Seattle Government government distributed its entire budget evenly to all the city’s minor charities. Some believe this was a social experiment run by an extremely bored and powerful person/mage.

A Booming Seattle
The city’s population doubles in ten years. People migrated to Seattle to make their lives.
[Event] During the population growth, a group of people from Japan form their own faction, the Red Foxes, bringing their own spiritual powers and way of living to Seattle.
[Event] An ancient leviathan comes to sleep in Seattle harbour, causing an increase in nightmares and erratic, aggressive behavior – but the Lodge of Raven warns that waking it up could be even worse.
[Event] In the shadows of Seattle, the Leviathan Cult begin to abduct those living and working on the waterways.
[Event] A group of union dockworkers led by Travis Firth who have become involved in illegal smuggling stumble onto the supernatural predations of the Leviathan Cult and others, forming a mortal hunter group called The Longshoremen.
[Scene] How did the other supernatural groups react to the Longshoremen? Travis Firth helps the Lodge of Raven kill the leader of the Leviathan Cult, causing a power vacuum in their ranks that leads to chaos. Meanwhile a shaky alliance forms between the Longshoremen and the Lodge.
[Event] Seattle establishes its first CCTV network to battle rising crime rates.
[Scene] What happened to the crime rates? Criminals are being apprehended quickly for overt cases, leading criminals now to try and become more devious and secret about their work, changing the method of both parties.
[Event] Quality of life in Seattle rises in the top 10 in the United States thanks to better health and working regulations.
[Scene] How did health conditions get better? Government privatised health providers, and while everything was fine in the first two years, citizens soon realise the burdens on their wallets.

Powers Clash
The bid for power continues to rise until a certain peak point was reached. During this time, lands were torn and valleys turned. (Rainier Club, Lodge of Raven, Leviathan Cult, Jade Vampire)
[Event] Amidst the conflict and tension, an even more secret organisation works within all the power player societies. Their sole purpose is to drain the power and finances from these societies with little regard to those harmed in the process and use it to create chaos and unrest.
[Event] Known as “The War for Seattle”, through the carnage and terror that ensued to the eyes of innocent bystanders, a group from the Keepers were dispatched to quell the tense relations of the major occult groups.
[Event] Travis and the Longshoremen tell the Keepers they don’t need outside help, and develop strong independence from their authority.
[Scene] How does the Keepers react to the hunters? A tense negotiation ends with both parties walking away from the table dissatisfied. The Lodge of Raven wants to work with the Keeper, causing a split between them and the hunters, who are now on their own politically.
[Scene] How is the war resolved? After major battles ending in bloodshed and tense negotiations, things have relatively settled down, rivalries are now more underground. Some individuals have resolved their differences but group tensions are still existent.
[Event] The Keeper, in an effort to build power and influence in Seattle to battle the other powerful factions, recruits mundane but fit men and women to be their secret eyes, underground agents with battle training.

Current Day
[Event] 2001 During the annual Mardi Gras, a rogue faction of the Seattle vampire court, the Leviathan Cult, makes a statement against the existing leadership by attacking humans and causing a riot (Seattle Mardi Gras Riots)
[Scene] What does the leadership of the vampire court do against the Leviathan Cult? Desperately trying to find a solution with their limited numbers, they persuaded humans who have been attacked by the cult to join their cause, helping some of them join their ranks as vampires/thralls to combat the cult.
[Event] (2016) The Rainier Club begins to purchase buildings and land around the city. Nobody can see any rhyme or reason to their choices.
[Event] (2016) The city begins to falter as hate crimes start to break out against Asian immigrants.
[Event] (2016) Multiple flash protest mobs have ended in violent riots as the police try to put an end to the outrage of the abused Asian immigrant population.
[Event] (2016) A train derails on its way to deliver the latest iPhone to customers across the country after the ship arrived from China with the new merchandise. Rumors of immigrants doing it to retaliate against the received discrimination are starting to spread. Department of Homeland Security has been called and now have multiple active units in Seattle as they try to put a lid on the chaos that is leaking across the city.
[Event] (2016) State congress schedules a vote for a mandatory curfew of all residents due to an increase in crime and reports of vigilantes hospitalizing people in the middle of the night.
[Event] Years since the leviathan had been driven from the harbour, the nightmares return. People start to become erratic and aggressive at night, with violent brawls breaking out regularly near areas close to the harbour. As a result, police powers are stepped up in an attempt to curb the violence, and a mandatory curfew is considered.
[Event] The inner circle of the Rainier Club mysteriously vanish without a trace.
[Scene] What happened to the inner circle members of the Rainier Club? During a ritual summoning a portal was opened to somewhere, pulling the members inside. The entity that exited the portal took on the personas of the members involved.
[Event] An exceeding amount of research and development by the government goes into alternative modes of transport within Seattle. Some ideas involve countless chemical compounds and alloys, artificial intelligence and even magic.
[Scene] Where did the government find the funding for so much transport research? Without the knowledge of the public, they made arrangements with many supernatural communities; allowing them access to the emotions and dreams of the civilians in exchange for funding and occult information.
Using extractors built into the architecture of Seattle’s two major roadways, the government extracts the frustrations of drivers and then uses them to bargain with the Entity.


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