Investigation: Drowned Bodies Free Invoke x1

  • Body with no discernible C.O.D. except drowning in Tracer’s trunk.
  • Body killed in this way has a slug incubating within.
  • Slug, if allowed to gestate, will attack a new target and then turn them into some sort of seaweed monster after a period in a clam shaped cocoon.

Investigation: The Longshoremen

  • Leader: Travis Firth.
  • Attempting to protect the city from those who would prey on the weak.
  • Tend to stay down by the shipyards.
  • Seem to be relatively untrained and quick to violence, but their goals are agreeable.
  • Have an agreement with them for information exchange.

Investigation: Relic Thief

  • He took the relic after causing Cerberus to wreck the truck.

Investigation: Relic/St. James Cathedral

  • Why was the relic was hidden there? What is the relic and where did it come from?

Investigation: Tracer

  • Supposedly a highly effective hider of the truth.
  • Terrible liar.

Investigation: “Chris”

  • An trained thief with no discernible skills so far.

Investigation: “The Puppeteer”

  • They are powerful with what appears to be a large number of resources.*
  • Can control people and use them as emissaries.
  • Well connected, to include law enforcement (Careful who you trust with information).

Investigation: Trinity Club / Sisters

  • They appear to be supernatural of some sort.*
  • They work with wraiths, and presumably other such creatures.
  • Involved with the criminal underworld. Probably able to use them to advantage later.


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