The Alabaster Maiden AlabasterMaiden.png


House of Secrets

Face: Peter Cheng
Outside this popular restaurant and nightclub stands a life-size white stone statue of a beautiful, mysterious woman of Asian descent. Visitors to the club regularly touch the statue on their way in and on their way out for good luck. For the magically sensitive, the statue seems to be something else, but no one else seems to know exactly what… Or those that do know aren’t talking.
Inside, the Maiden is a high-class restaurant and nightclub serving up the latest in musical tastes. This is mostly for show, as most of the establishment’s income come from the deals in the back rooms.

Greasy Spoon GreasySpoon.png

Idea: Local Diner and Cafe
Aspect: …
Face: Michael ‘Mike’ Torres

Pier 62 Pier62.png

Idea: Old and deteriorating docks (but still in use) used to smuggle goods, Home base of the Longshoremen
Aspect: …
Face: Travis Firth
Pier 62 was originally numbered Pier 9, known as the Gaffney Dock, after its absentee owner Mary Gaffney. Ms Gaffney mysteriously went missing during the night of a powerful storm, and since then there have been several rumours about the ‘Ghost of Pier 9’.
These rumours have not deterred the numerous smugglers and other criminals that use the docks for the trade of illicit goods.

The Rainier Club RainerClub.png

Idea: …
Aspect: …
Face: John Beaumont

Raven Rock RavenRock.png

Idea: Ancient Cairn of the Raven
Aspect: …
Face: …

Silver Owl Antique Books and Collectables SilverOwl.png

Idea: …
Aspect: …
Face: Alberich ‘Eric’ Cornell
With naught but a few scarce patches of wood peeking out from under the mountainous piles of books, haphazardly placed collectables and vintage rugs sprawled across the floor, this old, quirky antique store holds many an old treasure for those who know what to look for.
Rumored to have columns of books in the basement placed to help support the sagging floorboards, it smells like thin yellowing pages and old memories, and the floor creaks with every step.


Idea: A nightclub in Pioneer Square run by three Kindred sisters
Aspect: …
Face: Trinity Sisters


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