Themes and Threats

Modern Urban Fantasy (Theme)

Aspect. A Hidden World of Gods and Monsters UrbanFantasy.png

For those that know the truth, the world is both fantastical and treacherous. It is a world gripped by suspicion and paranoid fuelled by fear of the unknown. Where ancient gods, scheming demons, and supernatural beasts walk the earth, all more than willing to prey upon the weak and naive. It is a world where knowledge and secrets are their own currency, with those with information holding far more power than even the wealthiest mortal.

The city too holds many secrets, with layers of mysteries hiding its true self. Hidden paths to the secret places of the world lie scattered across the city, waiting for a traveller to stumble across their threshold.


Isolation and Corruption (Theme)

Aspect. Closed Doors and Frozen Hearts Isolation2.png

In Seattle, it’s generally assumed that anyone with even a modicum of power is involved in shady dealings of some variety or another. Whether it’s back-room deals or secret meetings with the unlawful elements of the city, from politicians to cops, almost everyone is in someone else’s pocket.

This has been true since the city’s very roots, with the natives betrayed by one of their own as the white settlers came and took the land right from underneath them.

But the greatest of deals lies out of sight of the common man, hidden away through means mundane and mystical. The very foundations of the city bind an ancient and powerful entity to its borders, while the city’s infrastructure keep it plump and satisfied. In return, the entity provides its ‘partners’ with what they desire: power. But, as the saying goes, power always corrupts…

Perhaps this is why, despite it being a densely populated city, over the years those that live in Seattle seem to have become more and more isolated. While they are polite and accommodating, they find it difficult to connect to one another, walking alone in a crowd of thousands, distant and numb.


A War of Shadows (Threat)

Aspect. Sanctuary for None

Following the devastation left in the wake of the Leviathan’s defeat, a vicious war has erupted, hidden from the eyes of mortals. Old rivalries, dormant for decades after the enforcement of the Seattle Accords, have been reignited as the factions of Seattle fight over the still warm remains of the Leviathan’s domain. With the Keepers and their representatives dead or scattered, who stands in the way of further bloodshed? And what of the rumours of a deadly artefact recently smuggled into the city? Could it really be enough to win the war for those that wield it?


The Herald (Threat)

Aspect. Intruder from Another World Gateway.png

Last the night all but one of the members of the Rainier Club’s inner circle perished in a deadly fire that consumed a good portion of the group’s establishment. John Beaumont, the lone surviving member, has been herald as a hero that tried to save his comrades, embraced with an almost messiah level of reverence amongst the other members of the club.

However, unknown to most, John Beaumont is not what he seems. In truth, Beaumont has been replaced by a parasitic lifeform that has assumed the form of Beaumont and consumed the other members of the Rainier Club’s inner circle. The parasite is able to infect weak-willed minds, making them highly suggestible to the parasite’s commands, thus the cult-like mentality that has taken over the other club members.

But the parasite’s birth into the world also had some unforeseen repercussions. The deaths of the inner circle members caused a ripple in the fabric of reality that caused the PCs to awaken, and causing their auras to take on a strikingly similar appearance to that of the former mages. It has also tied the PCs to the parasite, and it now seems drawn to them, although even it does not know why.


Themes and Threats

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